Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ending farm unit beginning apple unit

We had a great week learning about the farm. The highlight was probably the bunnies that visited us Friday morning. We really appreciate Emma, her mom and Pops for bringing the bunnies to visit our room. We were all very excited. Everyone enjoyed sharing their farm products. This upcoming week we will begin learning about apples. Each student needs to bring their favorite apple on Tuesday. We will be graphing our apples and having a taste test. We will also be using the extra apples to make applesauce on Friday. If you would like to send some extra apples for applesauce this would be great (I will need them by Thursday so I know how many I need to buy for applesauce).

The volunteers in computer lab on Friday are so helpful. Thank you for taking time to spend getting everyone logged in and ready to work. I really appreciate all of you that are able to do this. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Edmondson, Mrs. Little and Mrs. Farmer!

We have had a few items sent for our car detail basket. Please remember items are due Thursday, September 30. Our basket will be at the Fall Fest on October 5. Please remember we still need volunteers to work our basketball booth. Let me know if you can work and if so what time you prefer. Thanks for your help.

Along with learning about apples this week we will be learning the color word orange, the letter Pp, the number 5, we will continue working on patterns and we will learn the sight words see and my.

We had a great accomplishment this week! We won the cafeteria behavior award with 5 paw prints. Our reward was having lunch on the picnic tables with Mrs. Shelnut and myself. The students also each got a Dr. Seuss pencil. The new competition has started and each day we are working on the best cafeteria behavior to win a pumpking. At the end of 10 days we see which class has the most and who wins the prize.

Have a great week!


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