Supply List

Plastic school box-regular size
Elmer's white glue
Rest mat-thin one please or beach towel- label with name please
1 box of facial tissues
1 pkg. pencils
4 boxes for crayloa crayons 24 ct
Fiskers rounded tip scissors-label with name please
6 glue sticks-the Elmer's brand that are 2 for 25 cents are what we prefer-buy extra while they are on sale
Crayola watercolors (8 color count)- label with name please-consider buying 2 sets while they are on sale so your child can have a new set after Christmas
Girls only- Quart ziplocks & Germ-X
Boys only- Gal. Ziplocs & Expo dry erase markers

Optional supplies for the classroom

Baby wipes
Clorax bleach wipes
Crayola markers thick and then
Extra glue sticks
AA batteries
Paper towels
Lysol Spray
Paper plates-large and small
Plastic spoons and forks
Small disposable cups (solor or Dixie cups)
Paper lunch bags